Sunday, December 8, 2013

Crowdtap Sample and Share: Hershey's Chocolate Spread

 Do you love chocolate? Do you love Hershey's chocolate? Well, let me tell you about a new snack spread that Hershey's has come out with. It comes in three flavors: Chocolate, Chocolate with Almonds and Chocolate with Hazelnuts. It can be used as a spread on toast, waffles, fruit, crackers, pretzels or anything you love to pair chocolate with.

 I was sent a jar of the Chocolate flavor Hershey's spread through Crowdtap. I sampled the spread on saltine crackers and I shared the spread with my family and a few friends on some pretzels. The spread is smooth and creamy with a rich chocolate flavor. I was pleasantly surprised that it doesn't have any kind of awful aftertaste. I love it!

 The Hershey's Chocolate spread on pretzels was a huge hit with family and friends. I liked it on saltine crackers, but when I tried it on the pretzels.....YUM! That is my new favorite snack now! I have to tell you I can (and did) eat it right out of the jar. It is that AWESOME! I can't wait to try the Chocolate with Almonds flavor! I will be looking for it in the grocery store the next time I am shopping. 

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Disclaimer: I received this product free to try. All opinions written here are mine.

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  1. Awesome Review .. I totally agree this stuff is great on about anything :)