Saturday, July 19, 2014 Steelmaster Products Review #shopletreviews

I received a great package from Steelmaster & the blogger program recently. It had three different products for me to try out and review.  

Steelemaster Tablet Stand is a great A frame stand for 7" to 10" tablets. It can be positioned for landscape or portrait viewing. The easel design doesn't interfere with the screen controls. It is angled just right for reading, gaming, watching movies or viewing pictures. The heavy-duty, steel construction is coated with chip-resistant and scratch-resistant finish. It also features a nonskid padded base that stays put without scratching your desk, coffee table or counter tops.

 MMF Soho Pen and Note Holder is a nice, sturdy note and pen holder that organizes your pens, pencils, note pads, papers or CDs. It has four compartments for pens and three slots for note pads or papers. It is made of steel and the powder-coat finish resists scratches and chips.

MMF Store-it Box in Red is a really nice sized locked storage container that is made of metal and has a scratch and chip resistant finish. It measures 7" x 7 1/2" x 7 3/8" which, is great for locking up jewelry, cash or small electronics. I decided to use my Red Store-it Box for keeping all of the cold medicines, pain relievers, vitamins and children's cough medicine locked up. I have a key on my key ring and now I know that any kids in the house can't get to the medicines without an adult helping them. I store it in my kitchen cabinet and it fits great on the shelf. 

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Disclaimer: I received products for free to try and review, however, all opinions expressed here are mine.

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  1. I need one of those red boxes. I could use it for some medicine too.